‘You are going where? But what about the cartels?”

“Wow. I would’t go there even if someone paid me.”

“Pretty irresponsible to be going there.You’ re a mother ,you shouldn’t be putting yourself into situations like that!’

To which my response was: “Have you ever been to Mexico? Oh, you haven’t? Well then, please at least tell me specifics as to what this violence is where I am going. What area is it in, and what specifically should I be on the lookout for?”

via Safety in Mexico: Reality vs. Sensationalist Media Hype.


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Our hosts, Darrin and Cheri, made every effort to make our stay pleasant. Excellent food, friendly people, and a fun tour of a bacanora distillery. Next time I will visit the hot springs and walk along the river. I recommend La Posada for any trip in Sonora.

AliceB900, Tucson, Arizona

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