While our hotel is absolutely charming, the beauty of the Sonora Desert is breathtaking. These pictures are great, but they can’t do it justice…you just have to see it for yourself.

upper balcony looking over courtyardhd  resturant front entrancehd double queen bamboom wallhd theriver RioSonBaviacorMtnLandscape RioSonLosPilaresDec09 RioSonHatsinRowDc09 EgretRioSonoraFeb11 Danza NopalitosLasDeliciasAp11 Cowboy churchinbanamichi

sonoran culture3Moon Rise over Banamichibikerace tinamastas RioSonBacanuciCrossingMr10 AguaCalienteSpringAconchiNv08 cowboys insidethechurch ribsonthegrill RioSonoraCandyStandDc08 sonoraadventure

  • The upper sitting area at our mexico Eco Resort La Posada del Rio Sonora

    Upper Deck Interior View

  • Bamboo Double Queen

  • resturant front entrancehd

  • single king 1st floor cornerhd

  • upper balcony looking over courtyardhd

  • AguaCalienteSpringAconchiNv08

  • bikerace

  • Cowboy

  • Danza

  • EgretRioSonoraFeb11

  • insidethechurch

  • NopalitosLasDeliciasAp11

  • ribsonthegrill

  • RioSonBacanuciCrossingMr10

  • RioSonBaviacorMtnLandscape

  • RioSonHatsinRowDc09

  • RioSonLosPilaresDec09

  • RioSonoraCandyStandDc08

  • RioSonRiverRoadRoofrackDc09

  • sonoraadventure

  • theriver

  • tinamastas


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What Others Are Saying

“After recently traveling throughout much of the Mexican state of Sonora, we found La Posada del Rio the most accommodating, friendly, and comfortable along our journey. I would recommend to anyone who wants to visit an authentic Mexican community and stay in the best place around.”

Jim C, Glenwood, New Mexico

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