From Tucson, AZ: Take I-19 south to Nogales. Enter Mexico. Continue South on Hwy 15 to Magdalena. Take Hwy 54 through Cucurpe to Sinoquipe then Right on Hwy 089 to Banamichi.

From Benson, AZ: Take hwy 80 south through Bisbee to Naco. Enter Mexico. Continue South to Hwy 2 to Cananea. Continue South on Hwy 089 to Banamichi.

From New Mexico: From I-10 go South on Hwy 80 through Rodeo, NM to Douglas, AZ. Enter Mexico. Continue from Auga Prieta South on Hwy 2 to Cananea. Continue South on Hwy 089 to Banamichi.


What Others Are Saying

First of all I’m a little bias in that the owners of La Posada are my friends, but I think I can be objective enough. First of all I like the location, right on the main plaza, across from the church, you’re right in the middle of everything. Then I love the convenience of the restaurant with the doors and windows that open to the outside, great place to sit and beyond the food, connect to the internet to take care of the necessaries. The food is simple, but predictably good, typical of foods from that region. The rooms are more than comfortable. I traveled many years down there before it was ever possible to find the comfort level that one experiences at the hotel. And for me, its a place that connects to the town, the feeling is one of Sonora, not something owned and transplanted by Americans. The owners have done a good job of keeping that intact.

Canelo Bill, Canelo, Arizona

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