Bacanora is a BIG part of the
Rio Sonora River Valley and
justifiably so......

Rancho Tepua Agaves House

Bacanora heads ready to be heated

We offer private ranch tours and the exclusive
Tour of Rancho Tepúa Distillery near Baviacora.
This is the Best of The Best when it comes to Bacanora,
and they offer hunting outfitter service as well.

Rancho Tepua Burro Agaves Moon

Dancing is also a Really BIG part of
Sonoran Culture and La Posada has
been very Proud to support the best
folkloric dance group in the Valley and
one of the Best in all of Mexico

Banamichi Folkloric Dancers

Xunutzi Dancer

Food is ALWAYS a big part of any culture

Family Cooking Together in Banamichi

Horses and Real Cowboys

Real Cowboy Chai Maldonado

Exploring the mountains, canyons and ranches
are a great way to meet the people of the
Rio Sonora River Valley

Rio Sonora Fields

And after all isn’t meeting the locals and learning
the importance of relationships what it is all about?