Visiting the Sonora region is a fascinating experience due to the diversity of ecosystems, great weather, culture and pristine natural beauty.

Banamichi Winter Fields

The area is abundant with wild life such as:
the mule deer, big horn sheep,
white tailed deer, bobcats,
possums, mourning dove,
wild turkey, and quail.

Rio Sonora Banamichi Church and River

Rare birds such as the elegant trogan and cotamundi are spotted frequently in the area.
Upon rare and magical occasions, glimpses of the magnificent desert jaguar occur.

Hot Springs Waterfalls

Along the Rio Sonora Route you will find examples of colonial architecture, eco-tourism attractions, southwest landscape and friendly people in numerous small Mexican towns that have grown up over the past 400 years along the river Sonora.

Xunutzi Banamichi Dance Church

You will be able to visit historic churches and missions, ranches and farms, small Mexican rural communities, and incredibly beautiful southwestern vistas and scenery. 

Banamichi Buena Vista

The town of Bańamichi was settled in 1639 by
Bartolome Castanos and Pedro Pantoja,
Jesuit missionaries.

Church on Plaza in Banamichi

Banámichi is an Opáta word meaning “where the River Turns”.

Wher The Water Turns Rio Sonora

The principal economic activity in the area is agriculture including large cattle ranching. Other activities include manufacturing and small commercial business.

Horse Riding in Banamichi

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